Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Union Members are Big on Organ & Tissue Donation

After attending the Ontario Federation of Labor convention at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto this week, I came away absolutely impressed with the interest union members showed in organ and tissue donation. The Trillium Gift of Life Network booth was swamped with a good percentage of the one-thousand union delegates seeking information and donor cards. Many commented on how important they felt this was.

Phil Goodwin and Doug Wiley
Above is a photo of Phil Goodwin and Doug Wiley, my partners in promoting organ and tissue donation. Working with Phil and Doug was an uplifting experience. At age 29, Phil was left blind as the result of a motorcycle accident. Then, from complications of diabetes, he became very ill and went on the waiting list for a kidney/pancreas transplant, which he received in June of 2002. Recently, he fell, broke his hip and now has a hip replacement. And for all this, I have never met anyone with a more positive attitude and outlook on life.

Being a union member from Oshawa, Ontario, Phil arranged to have the Trillium Gift of Life Network booth at the convention and he worked the booth enthusiastically promoting organ and tissue donation. What an inspiration!

Equally, Phil's friend, guide and companion, Doug Wiley, was an inspiration by his dedication to Phil and desire to help his fellow man through promoting organ and tissue donation. it was my great pleasure to get to know and work with them both.

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