Wednesday, June 15, 2005

In Praise of Lynne & Peter Laurence

At times, a crisis brings out the best in people and there is no finer example than the kindness my friends Lynne and Peter Laurence showed me last Thursday, late at night.

We were just winding up our very successful first annual Lung Transplant Golf Tournament at Castlemore Golf & Country Club, in north Brampton, Ontario. We started to load our vehicles for the trip home when I discovered that I had lost my car keys. We searched and searched but no luck. So there I was, parked in a golf course lot more than 60 miles from home, where I had a spare key.

So here's what the Laurence's did. They took me to their home in Mississauga, put me up for the night, fed me breakfast and then Peter drove me the 100 miles return from his home to mine to pick-up my spare key and then drove me all the way back to the golf course to get my car.

Who could ask for any better friends than that?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your " One In A Million Merv "

It's just sooooo Awesome to Have you and Joanie in our Lives.

...and Yes... Peter waited to have his Transplant to make sure that you would be " THAT ONE " to enter Our Lives!

God Bless You,
Our Dear Friend
Keep Well,
Love Always,
Lynne and Peter