Friday, May 20, 2005

Brandyn Miller's Passing

I received the following message today from Suzanne Miller, mother of Brandyn Miller who has been waiting for a heart and lung-transplant for several years. Brandyn never gave up hope of getting his "second chance" and Suzanne was always the epitome of a dedicated and devout Mother and support person for Brandyn. He will be missed by the many friends and acquaintances he made in the transplant community.
This photo was taken at the Annual Lung Transplant Picnic, July, 2003

Brandyn Miller

"Merv , I'm sure you have heard that Brandyn got his shot at having his dream come true, and got that long awaited transplant call. However, there seemed to be more complications than they had anticipated , he fought very hard, but just wore out. He was the focus of my life. I can't even imagine how much I will miss him. Please feel free to pass the word to anyone that cares to ask. Let them know that he went into his surgery with a huge grin and the total belief that he could survive anything and this was his chance for a new future.

Our best to all the current and future transplant recipients. Suzanne Miller"

Please join me in extending our deepest condolences and sympathy to Suzanne and family. I'm sure Suzanne would appreciate hearing from you:
Suzanne Miller

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