Saturday, October 23, 2004

A Farewell to Gary Pollard

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Having been retired for 5 years from Wyeth Canada I was very pleased to receive an invitation to a farewell party October 21, 2004 for Gary Pollard, one of my former bosses and a 35 year employee of Wyeth. Many of the guests were Wyeth people I hadn't seen since I retired and before my lung transplant.It was like old-home week for me because many of the nicest people I have ever met were at the party. I got some great photos and you can see them at Gary's Farewell

I also got to know Jim Connolly, Wyeth Canada President and Managing Director, who sat with me at dinner. He was very interested in my lung transplant and we discussed the various Wyeth drugs that support transplantation. I am proud that Wyeth has been a good supporter of the transplant program at Toronto General Hospital and are a sponsor of the Birthday Ball coming up this November 3rd.

Wyeth selected a very special restaurant, La Reserve in Markham, Ontario, for Gary's friends and colleagues to honor him and Marnie. For me, this was one of the most delicious and enjoyable meals I have ever had and a very fitting venue to say farewell to a couple of the nicest people one could ever meet. I also want to thank Sandy Trelford for inviting me and the wonderful job she did in organizing this event. Merv.
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